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Brandon R. Briggs

Arctic Biotech Oath
Co-founder and CTO
Dr. Briggs is an Associate Professor at University of Alaska Anchorage. His research group is highly interdisciplinary and has both a geomicrobiology and applied microbiology focus. The group uses a variety of molecular, physiological, microscopic, and bioinformatic techniques to characterize microbes from extreme environments and the use of those microbes for biotechnological applications. Extreme environments are hosts to a variety of novel microbes. Characterizing these microbes has led to many biotechnological applications that affect our everyday lives. Dr Briggs work with ABO has been to develop a novel biotechnological process using extreme microbes to extract rare earth elements from Alaskan coal and other materials. This process is more efficient and does not produce any hazardous chemicals typically used during mining.

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, November 8

11:00am AKST